Plus Size Baddies

Lizzo has an electrifying year, to say the least. It’s always been stated that you’re not popping unless you have haters. The hate that has been thrown against this woman is unfathomable. I don’t want to pull the race card but it’s clear on why she receives the disrespect. Adele was a plus-sized diva and she was never disrespected like this.  

It’s pretty clear why Lizzo receives the hate that she does, she embodies everything that scares weak-minded people. She’s boisterous, confident, PHAT these characteristics aren’t commonly conveyed with plus size women. The narrative that is pushed all the time with plus size women is we’re desperate, lack confidence and hygiene. Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of men who love plus size women. Some men aren’t confident enough to voice their love for plus size women,  which speaks volumes about their character and it's real weak sauce.  

As a plus-size black woman myself, I would be remiss not to defend her. As black women, it’s imperative that we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. We have to get back to the place of being my brother’s keeper/sister’s keeper to regain the respect our elders had. What kind of example are we really setting by tearing her down for doing the same thing that her counterparts do? We teach our girls to be confident, eccentric and carefree. Unless she’s big then she has to be quiet and demure. Which is such a contradiction of what we teach? Yet, we wonder why the suicide rate is high among black girls.  

Despite the hate she receives and the negative connotations that surround her. She’s challenged people to examine how they see themselves and others.  She’s touched on mental health which is a topic that is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Black women are notorious for caring for others and disregarding their own well-being. I’m not saying that this is going to be an easy feat but our families need us. So, it’s imperative for us to come up with a good self-care routine. For all my plus size divas, I’m a firm believer that we are created in God’s image. No mistakes were made when you were created, so it’s important that you love yourself accordingly, despite society’s opinion of you. In order to be loved properly, you must first love yourself. 



Queen Ke 

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