Roc Nation Brunch

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In wake of black history of month and #Black boy joy, there was a picture from the Roc Nation brunch circulating on the web. When the picture first hit the net what emotions did you feel?  It should’ve given you a sense of pride, representation, determination etc.  The depiction of black men in media doing something positive is a rarity. So, to see another black person condemn them was disheartening despite her truthful statements.

Social Media is a cruel place which is no secret and Raven Symone should’ve been prepared for the ramifications for her statements. Especially since she has been in the public eye her entire life, either say something and stand by it or don’t say it.

T.I handled the criticism with class and grace. His response was so eloquently put, that’s the way you read a hater! How long does a person have to pay for their past discretions? Once they’ve paid their debt to society?

In life a person is supposed to elevate, no one should aspire to be stagnant or destitute. Granted everyone would love to be a millionaire. Yet, everyone knows that’s unattainable so the standard for most should be the ability to provide for their family or find something that they're passionate about and enjoy every day above ground.

Blacks are torn down enough in media, so we really shouldn’t do it to one another. “Once you know better than you should do better”. Life is about progression and it was a post that Symone commented on then later shared with her statement which was correct to a certain extent. Yet, there is enough blame to go around because the consumers allowed these ideals to fester. There is nothing wrong with writing about your experiences, but there should be other ways to articulate your grievances without being vulgar. Which is why Rakim is held in such regard because he spoke about the same things as his peers. Yet, there was one thing that separated him from the rest; his omission of the n-word and cursing. There are plenty ways to captivate an audience. Which sparks great hope because the new wave of rappers respects the men in this picture. Who have paid their dues and they’re on the way to legendary status.

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