Sexual Assault Awareness &Prevention Month

The Me-Too movement has brought attention to a lot of issues that people wouldn't speak on. Which has become the catalyst for other causes and organizations. Another issue that needs to be addressed is sexual assault.

April is the month dedicated to educating people on different types of assault and prevention. College campuses nationwide are holding expos to combat campus rape. It’s important to remember that our armed forces have these issues as well. People need to learn what consent means to its full entirety. 

Once we learn how to do this it’ll save a lot of heartbreak and confusion down the line. It starts with tackling society, culture, norms, attitudes to identify problematic behaviors. Just because we do certain behaviors are tolerated doesn’t make them right. Otherwise, we are just a bunch of hypocrites. 

Here are some ways to help:


  • Every 92 seconds an American is is sexually assaulted.
  •  out of 10 victims of rape are female. (17.7million women in 1998 & 2.78 million men in 1998)
  • 55% of rapes occur near the victim's residence or at their residence. 25% occur in open spaces, such as garages, parking lots, etc. 12%  occur near or at a relative's home. 8 % on school property.

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