The Golden Standard

Whomever is in charge of public relations for the NBA truly earns their paycheck! They never cease to amaze me! The way they handled the altercation between Mark Stephens and Kyle Lowry was great. If this happened in the NFL it would’ve been a world class shit-show. Look at how Goodell handled the Kaepernick situation. 
Granted, chatter by Lebron James and other players spearheaded action to be called for these poor decisions. James highlighted some key points, if Lowry would’ve retaliated, the public scrutiny would've been much harsher.  He would’ve lost endorsement deals, present, and future. Even though it would’ve been self-defense, blacks don’t have the same luxuries as whites.
For that alone, he should be commended on keeping his cool. This event further illustrates how black athletes are held to higher standards than their white cohorts. 
If you’re one of the blessed few who can attend a basketball game with floor seats then it should be common sense that you might get hit by one of the players. Most people are pretty cool when this occurs, each person shakes off the clumsy moment and the game continues. Patrons have to realize that these players are still human.
The Golden State organization has set a new standard on how things should be handled because this was one of their investors. They could’ve easily let him slide, but they didn’t. The organization led by example and stayed true to their values which is commendable. This will show the world that multi-billion-dollar organizations still have ethics. 

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