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The new music that just dropped showcases vulnerability. Men are being more vocal about their feeling which is refreshing instead of the typical misogynistic lyrics.  There were a couple of artists who dropped full-blown albums or a couple of singles. Below will be my take on each project:

Drake “Care Package”:

Is a compilation of all Drizzy’s classics that you had search Soundcloud or YouTube for which is a major convenience. How aggravating is it thinking you had the song you wanted, then it’s some trash freestyle? All Drizzy’s day ones are truly thankful that he decided to do this.

Chance the Rapper “The Big Day”:

This is an album that I thoroughly enjoyed but some of my peers are indifferent to it. I love his carefree flair mixed with maturity. Chance gives hope to the young twenty-somethings that it’s some decent men out there. You can tell he’s really in Love!!! Like has no regrets, past the infatuation phase, I’m ready to be a man. He oozes positivity throughout this whole project which is mindboggling on why someone can hate on it? Unless you’re just a miserable person but the beats are infectious.  This project has something for everybody; Chance plays with multiple genres so it’s not a mundane project either. His features are insane!  Some of the collaborators were unique choices yet, they meshed well together like bar-b-que with French fries. His collaborators included: Social Experiment, Francis Starlite, Smino, Taylor Bennett, Death Cab, Shawn Mendes, Meg Thee Stallion, Gucci Mane, and Nicki Minaj among others.

Big Sean “Overtime” and “Single Again”:

Big Sean is a personal favorite of mine and doesn’t get the accolades he deserves. His wordplay is unique, and cadence is impeccable. Some rappers struggle with rapping on beat but this is something that he decimates. It’s obvious why Ye signed him, but I digress. These two singles he dropped are teasers leading up to his album.  If these two singles are any inclination of what to expect for his album. Then this it’s going to be a very vulnerable, unapologetic body of work.

YBN Cordae “The Lost Boy”: This was a rapper who I was apprehensive to listen to because I hate when people hype up artists. Then when you finally give in their work is trash which tragic. Ironically, I was a fan didn’t know it. I heard some of his work on H.E. R and Chance the Rapper albums. His songs speak about him being socially awkward, yet he’s cool with it. Most people are unable to admit this or do whatever they can to conform. He reminds me of a young J. Cole where he’s immune to people’s B.S.

Dreamville & J. Cole “Revenge of the Dreamers III”:

To be frank, I’m a diehard J. Cole fan, if you follow my socials there is constant praise for Mr. Jermaine Cole. Ever since his mixtape “Friday Night Lights” I have been a fan. When he curated Dreamville Records I know the hip-hop gods were rejoicing. We finally have quality talent on the airwaves instead of mediocre talent. This album has his entire roster featuring the likes of TI, Ty Dolla $ign, Dreezy, Da Baby, Smino, Earthgang, and many more. Cole is notorious for not doing features and the fact that this whole album is him collaborating with other artists can shut the haters up for once.  Da Baby’s record with Cole is just electric and he drops a major bombshell. Cole revealed that he’s going to be a dad for the second time on “Sacrifices”.


Big Krit “Krit is Here”:

This is a project that I enjoyed and didn’t think I would like to be perfectly honest. He has some solid features on this project like J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Saweetie, Baby Rose and Rico Love. My favorite tracks on the album are “Learned from Texas", "Energy” and “Addiction”. It's kind of gritty southern trap mixed conscious rap. The best of both worlds' honestly and I can see why TI signed him.



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