To Be Seen As A Equal

Ava DuVernay has accomplished what she set out to do;  get the conversation started about the injustices black and brown people face on a daily basis. Her latest film “When they see us” has minorities pissed and rightfully so. This film is a constant reminder that we have to watch ourselves in public and we aren't afforded the luxuries of our white counterparts. 
Black people aren’t having the right discussions. We need to have our white friends watch this, especially the ones who love to partake in black relations. Some might get mad at me for that last statement but let’s be realistic. In the movie “The hate you give” her white friends were oblivious to the struggles that black people face. Yep, it’s 2019 and there are still tone death white folks.
Let’s be honest, there are some tone death black and brown people. I blame it on socioeconomic status because if you never been poor or exposed to violence then how will you know. 
It’s a fact that minorities face more trauma than our white counterparts, but we have to stop playing the victim. I truly want us to start following the teachings of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. Until we really unite as a race like the other nationalities, it’s going to be hard to prosper. This is just my opinion but when I look at my elders from previous generations, I know it’s got to be something to it. 
DuVernay put a magnifying glass on a bigot’s ignorance.
It should wake up any prosecutor's conscious, and it should serve as a reminder that Lady Karma doesn’t discriminate. Linda Fairstein’s losses should scare all legal people to adhere to the legal oath they took. My father always told me when I was being insubordinate that it would cost me. If it cost me financially, then that lesson would stick with me. No truer were ever spoken.
This is how we rise against our oppressors; we would have to take something dear to them. Think about the bus boycotts in Mongomery which lasted for over a year. It took over a year of loss in profits for them to desegregate those buses and deem it unconstitutional. We are going to have to revert back to those tactics for them to respect us again. In the words of Nino Brown, “money talks and bullshit runs the marathon”. 

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