UniverSoul Circus

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Universoul Circus with my family. Let me just say if you never been, Please Go! If you never heard of the Universoul Circus it was started by a man named Cedric Walker who was inspired by a trip to the circus with his own family when he was a child. As he grew older, he wanted to create a circus where people of color had opportunity to shine and there were unique acts that you wouldn’t see anywhere else! 

While attending these shows you’ll hear plenty genres of music like Soca, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop and Gospel. I’m pretty ashamed to admit this but I enjoyed it more than my nephew. The acrobatics were out of this world! Most events like these there are safety harnesses of some sort but the performed these tricks without it! The videos are on my social media platforms.  

Another thing I loved about the event was these three principals were promoted fun, peace and unity. It reminded me of an episode “Ellen”. It’s a rarity when you see positivity promoted in the entertainment sector. There was a praise dance during the show that promoted positivity and unity. The cool thing about this was it wasn’t overtly religious because I know you atheists were having heart palpitations over that last sentence. Relax!  This event is something I’ll recommend everyone to attend. 


Queen Ke 

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