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Utah just passed a controversial, yet monumental law and some parents can’t wrap their heads around it. This state just passed the free-range law. This means that children can function independently, with minimal parental guidance, and without interference from authorities so long as there is no apparent abuse.

This movement was started by Lenore Skenazy, to teach children how to function independently. This is an alternate method of parenting. Pediatricians state this is completely opposite of helicopter parenting. Helicopter parenting is the parent who is very attentive, protective, and they’re in every aspect of their child’s life.

So, how did Skenazy get the inspiration to get this law passed? It started when she let her nine-year-old son ride the subway by himself. He begged her repeatedly to let him prove he can do this on his own. Eventually, she gave in and gave her son a map, MetroCard, twenty dollars, and change for the pay phone. Skenazy let him take the train from Lexington Ave to 34th street to their home. She was elated that he was able to find his way home without any issues. Her son came home with a sense of pride because he was able to complete a task on his own.

When Skenazy shared this news on her blog, it was met with criticism and praise. Some parents thought this was very brave of her to do considering the times we live in. The times we live in where sick people prey on the innocence of children. Therefore, I can empathize with the other parents who disagreed with her decision. Others thought she that was something her child could’ve experienced once he was older. So, royals the platform is yours let me know your opinion on this topic? Please share, Feel free to comment

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  • I don’t roll the dice on the safety of children in my family if the 9 year old riding alone had been abducted would she have thought, oh well if he returns we’ll try something different next time?

    • Francine