Who Else ?

Who Else?

The #MeToo movement was originally started by a caseworker named Tarana Burke. She started the discussion on myspace after a teen confided in her about the abuse she had suffered. She wanted other women to feel comfortable sharing their experiences as well. Then Alyssa Milano popularized this phase which opened the crypt of secrets.

The #MeToo movement showcased misogynistic behavior by men.  It took a couple of brave women to share their stories for others to follow suit. It’s just troubling to see that it's white tears on full display. No Latina, Asian, Black or Middle Eastern women telling their stories. White women can't be the only ones who face sexual harassment.

When Lupita Nyong'o shared her experience, it wasn't taken as seriously as the other women. Whenever, allegations against Weinstein were brought up by white women the public was reminded repeatedly. It's no secret that the entertainment business is cut throat. The industry treats people like they're in washing machine. In other words, people are treated as if they’re expendable. Yet, they're rewarded handsomely for it and get to live their dream. However, the people who work with them shouldn't add to the chaos.

Hollywood is already behind the curve is showcasing diversity. It's just disheartening that they feel the need to whitewash something that every woman faces. It's been scientifically proven that minority women face sexual harassment more often than their white counterparts.

Women of color are perceived as easy or asking for it. This is simply not the case, no man has the right to force themselves on a woman just because they feel like it. It's statistically proven that sexual assault isn't from strangers, it's people who you may know. It has been reported by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) forty-five percent of complaints were sexual and thirty-four percent were on race. The EEOC has stated that black women suffer from PTSD because of the abuse they suffer at work.

If we learned anything from these revelations, is that the conversations need to continue. People need to learn there will be repercussions for their actions. Unless that person shows interest then there is no reason to assert yourself on that person. The Me Too isn’t a phase this a movement to promote better treatment of women.

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