Why I’m Grateful Trump is president



Many people would think that this is a baffling statement but I am. Trump has made bigots comfortable to be their true selves for that I'm grateful. I rather stare the devil in the face. I’d rather know who my oppressor is so I can know how to move forward towards progress. In the words of James Baldwin “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”  Some people had the audacity to think that racism was a thing of the past but for most minorities like myself, we know it’s the furthest thing from the truth.


If we don’t confront what we fear than those things will manifest into this hot mess we have now. We’re forced to have those uncomfortable conversations we’ve been avoiding. 

Now, I'm not a leftist or a rightist. I'm a black woman who has the desire to walk the street with no issues. This black woman doesn’t want her grandkids marching the streets just like previous generations before her.  So, I’m holding her white friends accountable. I want conversations to be had because we’re going to be the generation to break these curses. I implore you to be the change you to see. Most Christian conservatives voted for him so look to verse Matther 5:13-16. Yup, I’m going there … I just gotta stay black, alive, thrive.


I'm not saying that all lives don’t matter but when you’re seeing black and brown women children killed on national tv. That should trigger something in your heart that its morally wrong. Why are we treated like innate objects?

Many will bring up the black on black crime in our neighborhoods For those who don’t think we aren’t working on black issues come to an NAACP meeting.… well, I have something to refute that you kill what you’re around. Whites kill whites just like Asians kill Asians etc that doesn’t negate that fact our lives mean any less ….. Everyone love’s black culture but doesn’t love us. 


With this election, it has broken up relationships, marriages, etc. Sadly because we never knew peoples’ true intentions. In the words of Maya Angelou “ When someone shows who they are, believe them”. These times have shown the true ugliness in people inside and out. The elders have always told me that “God don’t like ugly and he isn’t too fond of pretty”. A lot of people have failed to remember that.


Many have chosen to remain willfully ignorant or blissfully ignorant. There’s a difference. The reason why I say that because we have so many ways to educate ourselves properly there’s no reason why you should be spewing out ignorance. Now, I don’t claim to be Einstein but I've been blessed in this thing called life. Where I've been able to interact with all types of people. Where I don’t judge. One thing I can pride myself on is until you walked that’s person’s path then you have no right to speak it. I can’t tell you how to vote but being a bigot I can’t support it under any circumstances. Some might use Candace Owens as justification for their prejudices, now  I'm going to try to say this as eloquently as possible this woman is what self-hate looks like.


Allow me to expound on that … she was involved in a legal dispute during her juvenile years where she was awarded money for racial insults. Now, this is the same woman who says that racism doesn’t exist. If this isn’t irony at its finest IDK what is. She’s what you call the “token negro” because she panders to the ignorant bigots. She’s the poster child for those people. With her being Black spewing out the same hateful rhetoric in their minds they think it's ok. In no way,  is one race better than the other but we should be able to appreciate the beauty in our own. We can have our differences and still respect each other. Most of us have forgotten the golden rules.



But this election, in your communities with everything that has transpired. It’s up to you to make an informed decision in your local elections, all the way up the presidential election. It’s imperative that you police your own homes and correct the bad behavior within ourselves otherwise nothing will ever change. Most are good at holding others accountable but we won’t hold our own selves accountable nothing will change.


Peace and blessings 

Queen Ke

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