Women Leads You Should Check Out On Netflix


Roxanne, Roxanne:

This is an autobiography on one of the most prolific female rappers, Roxanne Shante. She is known for quick punch lines that were very witty. She was feminist before it was cool; ahead of time because most of the people she battled were her senior. This movie documents her way to stardom, but it doesn’t hide the opposition she faced on the way either.



Queen of The South:

This show is in its second season which premieres on USA network in June. It stars Alice Braga, who is the shows main character as Teresa Mendoza. The other stars include Veronica Falcon, Peter Gadiot, and Justina Machado. The show centers on Teresa’s escape from Mexico after her boyfriend is murdered. It’s based off the novella La Reina del Sur. She has discovered the true meaning of “snakes in the grass”. The people she trusted were the main ones causing her harm. After the murder of her boyfriend, she must resort to her wits for survival.




Seven Seconds:

This is one of my favorite releases from Netflix, the movie reflects what’s going on in the world currently. This was eloquently written it conveys the pain black parents face. It also showcases the good and bad in police work. Many makeup preconceived ideas about each other, instead of taking the time to listen. This was one of my favorite projects by Regina King because the emotions she was able to convey on the screen were extraordinary. Viewers were able to see past color and look at the issues at hand. Everyone doesn’t get the justice they deserve, and people aren’t being held accountable for their actions. This movie forced people to recognize the country's morality issue and lack of integrity within the justice system.



She’s Gotta Have It:

The reboot of this film had critics and films questioning whether it could measure up to the original. The original was great because it was ahead of its time. It spoke about women being sexually liberated which was a taboo topic at the time. Lee was able not only make this just as influential as the previous film. He touched on Nola’s bisexuality in his original. In the reboot, this topic was fully explored where you got to see Nola have a relationship. White women get to be looked as sexually liberated creatures all the time. It’s rare when black and Latina women are afforded this luxury. He also touched on the sexism that still prevalent in social circles. Men can have as many partners as they please without any ramifications. Women who choose to do the same are subject to many derogatory labels and disrespect. So, it was refreshing to see some of the characters respect her lifestyle.




This is a documentary on an issue that is plaguing our country right now. Which is the heroin epidemic that’s attacking every race and creed. Drug use is an issue that’s been around for ages, but mainstream America didn’t pay attention until it hit suburbia. This documentary follows three women in West Virginia who combat this issue. It includes some historical feats where Jan Rader becomes the first female fire chief. Also includes the trauma that everyone faces when these issues aren’t addressed. She was able to get the state to equip the health departments with Narcan. For those who don’t know the significance of this drug. Narcan is a medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose. Having quick accessibility to this drug has saved many lives.

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