Women Let's Do Better

Women! Women! It’s ok to voice opinions or concerns but to judge another for the same things that you’re doing is so wrong. Social media and blogs have been on fire with allegations of Offset cheating on Cardi B. Women are so shady with those comments; Let’s try a different narrative instead of posting berating things online.

This girl is on top of the world living out a dream that most told her was unobtainable. She hooked up with someone who might be sketchy. Women stated that she has low self-esteem because she chose to work it out with her fiancé. Why the double standard? No one judged Beyoncé when she decided to stay with Jay-Z or when Karruche decided to stay with Chris Brown.

Women coming to conclusions or being judgmental when they have done the same. That’s contradictory on so many levels. With these new waves of feminism, this is taking a few steps back. It’s up to the woman on how much she is willing to put with. As a fellow feminist, when my girls come to me for advice I give it to them straight. There are certain things that a woman shouldn’t put up with:

1.      Abuse (Physical, Verbal, Mental)

2.      Dishonesty (No one wants to look like a fool in these streets. We should be best friends, so we know everything about each other. Don’t do anything to me that you wouldn’t want me to do to you.)     


4.      Cheating (Since people have their own levels of cheating. When it’s sex involved because STD’s and children become a factor)



5.      Sorry Men (Lacking hustle, don’t have enough to pay bills)

It was disheartening to see the comments to see the most hateful ones come from Latina or Black women. This girl is breaking records and making history for our people. Now is it prolific history that’s another discussion. It’s just dope to see someone be carefree and unapologetic. Most of these new acts who enter the industry try to emulate someone else and she doesn’t do that. This year just started so let’s be great.

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