XXXentacion Shook The World!

Xxxtentacion has been the topic of conservation in the rap world for quite some time. Out of all XXL freshmen class of 2017, he has been the most controversial. He’s been in the news for legal disputes, to getting knocked out on stage and plenty other shenanigans.

He just released a new video for his latest single “Look at me”. The song isn’t what everyone is talking about it’s his controversial video. If you have been living under a rock or not aware. Here is a recap of it: in the beginning, it shows rambunctious teens. Then things go left, he mimics someone being hung to bring awareness to suicide.

Towards the end, he speaks on issues plaguing people of color. Then to the part that has pissed everyone off, he has a black child hang a white one. Now that last part pissed off a lot of people for various reasons. Parents were outraged that someone let their child participate in the first place.

Others displayed their true racist colors, members of the KKK have already sent death threats. People have the right to be mad, but some are mad for the wrong reasons. A lot of people missed the total point of this video. The point was to prove that mainstream America is so desensitized to children of color being killed on tv it no longer bothers people. Please don’t misinterpret that last stated because this will be explained fully.

Whenever a person of color is killed publicly that death is circulated on tv excessively. Yet, white victims aren’t shown that level of disrespect. Not only is that uncouth, the way media displays POC violence it’s inhumane. You wouldn't want someone throwing it in your face that your family died violently, would you?

Just speak on it lightly then move on. He was trying to display the ugly truths that minorities face. It’s It’s ingrained in us that we are subhuman and will always have to work 2x as hard to get ahead in life. He wanted to show the difference of violence if the roles were reversed. Saw how mad everyone got when they realized it was a white child? Only half of the American population would admit that killing a child of any color is wrong.

The example I’ll use is Tamir Rice to prove that’s a factual statement because his killer is still free. If people were so oblivious to race as they claim, Tamir and Trayvon would be alive. Once minorities hit their teen years then they are seen as men not as the kids that they are. White young adults get into trouble they are still called kids? This makes absolutely no sense to me because the law states that once a person is 18 they’re an adult. Did X go about this video the wrong way?

Maybe he did yet, I still like it because he’s keeping the conversation going. About the fear that minority mothers have when their child leaves home and she prays that they make it back. In addition to reiterating the fact, POC just wants equality. Murdering anyone based on the color of their skin is wrong.

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  • Personally I believe everything in this post is true but, sometimes this is not always the case

    • Aeriell