Attacks Against Black LBGT

With trans ban looming the LGBTQ military community. This is a perfect time for white trans people to unite with POC who are trans as well. Between the bigotry and violence, this community faces they can get more done by getting rid of the separatism.

In a climate where hate and ignorance run rampant; the only thing that can combat this is love. The way this country rallied agent orange and his minions of hate. This type of unity is needed to get the respect that's deserved within the community.

With the trans ban being postponed for the LGBTQ community,...

XXXentacion Shook The World!

Xxxtentacion has been the topic of conservation in the rap world for quite some time. Out of all XXL freshmen class of 2017, he has been the most controversial. He’s been in the news for legal disputes, to getting knocked out on stage and plenty other shenanigans.

He just released a new video for his latest single “Look at me”. The song isn’t what everyone is talking about it’s his controversial video. If you have been living under a rock or not aware. Here is a recap of it: in the beginning, it shows rambunctious teens. Then things go left,...

Importance Of Detroit Riots

There's a movie coming out that chronicles an important time in the sixties. This event showcases the prejudices Blacks face which hasn't dissipated. It was an event that I was never taught in school but was grateful to learn about.  


This event occurred because police were called to a disturbance at a bar. There were a group of servicemen who just got back home partying with white women. This angered the police resulting in the beating and mutilation of teens.  


This event is another example of the mistreatment of minorities by police. It's a pertinent part of this...

Unbothered By Foolishness ... SMH

A lot of women are mad at Rick Ross for speaking his truth. The sad part of what he said displays how controlling men think. Yet I feel that quite a few men feel this way, but they wouldn't dare say it.

A lot of female artists have faced the dilemma of using sex to get what you want. Let's be honest they're quite of females acts now that make you wonder how they got signed. It's the power of the nookie. People act like Ross is trying to comprise these chicks out here. He never said that you have...

About Time !

I just saw Girls Trip, I know that I'm mad late, but the theaters were sold out in my area were sold out. This movie oozed black girl magic because it displayed real women. The magic was obviously popping because they had the highest grossing weekend.

I loved how Will Packer changed the black girl narrative. I don't think most people caught it. In most black films the successful black girl is normally light skinned or she's displayed as more demure. In the film that role was played by a brown skin babe. Now some might think I'm bugging but look...