See Me

Charlemagne Tha God made a statement that's disturbing, yet it had a lot of truth it. 
Everyone has read the verdict to the Terence Crutcher case and sadly I’m not shocked. 

Before it used to evoke a reaction with the officers being indicted, but it really doesn’t because this feels like modern day lynching. I sincerely feel like the police have permission to kill with permits; long as the people are poor who cares.  Minorities face a higher chance of not making it back home because of these circumstances. 

While white parents have the luxury of only having the birds and bees...

Double Standards

  With Colin Kapernick still remaining unsigned makes you wonder, if there’s serious repercussions for being conscious.  Speaking as a black woman it has been ingrained in us, that we have to be twice as good in every aspect of life. Yes, he didn’t produce as much this season to downplay the backlash from bigoted fans. What do I mean by that last statement? I’ll explain in full detail what I meant; when you’re great in your field, then antics pulled outside of work could be overlooked.


Can't I Be Bad, Boujee and Healthy Too?