Red Lips Beauty Bar

March is Women’s History month, we’ve been inundated with images of women shattering records. It’s hard to believe that we couldn’t do these things years ago. To some sexist people, it’s still unfathomable that we’re able to achieve some feats. Especially if you’re a woman of a particular hue. I just watched the movie “Hidden Figures” where Black women were a pivotal force in the aerospace history, yet we were silenced because of our sex and the hue of our skin. However, those days are long gone thanks to the work of our grandmas, aunts, and mothers. We’re able to do whatever our heart desires.


Take for instance the rebuilding of Central Avenue in Tampa, this was a bustling African American part of town. However, with redevelopments, those neighborhoods have gone through a metamorphosis. It’s still bustling with business owners just fewer melaninated faces. There’s one minority owner who’s making a splash in the area. Her name is April Renee and she’s a beauty maven.


Renee provides lashes, wardrobe styling, and make-up for that special day. She’s serviced clients all over the continental US and she’s brought her talents back home. Here’s her website showcasing her work and her grand opening is March 17, 2022. There will be a live performance by Shelby Sol, if you aren’t familiar with her this will be the perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

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