Discovery Cove

Mother’s Day weekend just passed and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. Since the loss of my father, I’ve tried to make holidays really special. I’m not sure if it’s a coping mechanism or what, but I really overdo it sometimes.

Mainly because when my dad was living he went all out on holidays. Any child who has lost a parent can say watching their parent grieve is the most painful thing on earth. When I found out that my mother wanted to go to Discovery Cove those tickets were bought. 

For anyone who has ever wanted to swim with dolphins, I highly recommend going to Discovery Cove. It’s not super congested like other amusement parks, the vibe is really laid back. There is plenty to do will you’re there. It’s a lagoon with vegetation and sea creatures which replicates the ocean.

There were plenty of stingrays, colorful fish, and corals. It’s a lazy river there where you can see other animals like monkeys, otters, and exotic birds. If you’re feeling a little brave, they do let you feed the birds there. Below are some videos from my day, comment and share! 

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